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STEM Research & Learning Center

Our Mission

The mission of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Research and Learning Center is two-fold. First, the Center will facilitate the increase of research capacity within the STEM disciplines, and between STEM and non-STEM fields. Second, the Center will consolidate SFA’s support for STEM education, particularly by coordinating STEM efforts in EC-12, undergraduate and graduate education, and teacher development at all levels.

Interdisciplinary research is a prime focus at SFA.

The STEM Center will catalyze research communication and collaboration within the sciences as well as between the sciences and other disciplines. Particular attention will be given to facilitating research collaboration in partnership with industry, university faculty, staff and students, and stakeholders in the public school system.

Supporting comprehensive STEM education involves both publicizing the value of STEM training and removing barriers to student persistence in the STEM pipeline. In keeping with research findings regarding inhibitors to STEM engagement, the Center will focus on:

  • increasing STEM awareness and public perception,
  • facilitating innovation in STEM university education,
  • providing support for student mentoring during transitional periods in their education,
  • guiding STEM teacher induction during the first three years in the classroom, and
  • empowering STEM teacher-leaders to transform their districts from within.

Outreach Events

2016 - 2017 Events Date Location  
Hydro-Days (Geology/STEM event) Oct. 12, 2016 Kennedy Auditorium/MS  
Nacogdoches County Superintendent Luncheon Nov. 16, 2016 STEM Center  
ER! (Nursing/STEM event) Dec. 9, 2016 Dewitt School of Nursing  
Geo-Days for middle and high school students FEb. 8, 2017 STEM Center, 101  
STEM Day for High School Students Feb. 24, 8:30-2:30 BPSC Grand Ballroom  
Leaders of Tomorrow - LOT Crew March 21, 2017 SFA Campus  
Girl Scout STEM Day TBA STEM Center, Math Building  
WiSTEM Fundraiser Luncheon and Fashion Show Tuesday, April 4 11:30 UC Grand Ballroom  
ISTEM - Investigations in STEM (fall and spring) by appointment  
Cub Scout STEM Day TBA- summer 2017 STEM Center  
iMAS (Investigations in Math & Science) Summer Academy June 19-23, 8:30-11:30 STEM Center, SFA Campus  
Lil' STEM Jacks July 25-July 26 STEM Center, SFA Campus